By Vanessa Herb
Director of Finance

We’ve all been there: you’re browsing through MyASU and look under the finances tab to see all of the mysterious charges to your account. You sit there and wonder what they are all for and what they all mean. While I’m not an expert on the breakdown of every charge to your account, I can definitely provide some insight into one of the important fees on the list.

Breakdown of the Student Fees

The Student Program Fee takes $30 out of your financial aid per semester, but I promise, it does come back to you in a positive way. Every student’s Student Program Fee goes into a pool of money, which is our USGD student activities budget. This money can be used for student organizations to make the ASU experience better for everyone on campus. This can be by purchasing promotional items to hand out, booking travel to conferences to bring knowledge back to campus, or for hosting events to share experiences with students all over the campus.

If you are in an organization and are wondering, “How can I request funds for myself?”, the process is really simple. First, go to our USGD website,

Next, go into the Information tab. There is an option that says “Funding”. Everything you need is listed there! There is an instructional video on how to complete the funding request form, and the link to the form is directly underneath it. We do have limits and rules to our allocation, however, and we have lists of approved vendors. It may sound daunting, but that is why we as a student government are here for you!

If you have any questions about the budget or how to request money, you can always reach out to me any time at

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