By Emma Fernandez
Director of Marketing

Happy New Year, Devils! As any millennial can tell you, the New Year brings a flood of “New Year, New Me” Tweets and posts on Facebook. I’ve been inspired by these such Tweets in my position as Director of Marketing.

This is my first year in USG (and in college for that matter) and being a freshman in USG can be difficult. USGD is constantly trying to improve the school and the “daily lives of students,” but I how could I improve something I was experiencing for the first time ever? As you could imagine, this prove to be a difficult task. The fall semester was full of trial and error. But as the cliche goes: what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And I survived my first semester of college and USGD, so now it’s time to get stronger.

I learned so much in USGD last semester so now it is time to apply myself. Here is my month by month look at the spring semester…



Last semester, USGD relaunched its Sun Devil Express, a convenient bus that shuttles ASU students all around the Downtown Phoenix Campus. It takes students from class buildings to parking lots on week nights and even the grocery store on Wednesdays and Sundays. USGD will be putting on a GLOW PARTY to market the Sun Devil Express. Details are in the works, but expect it to be LIT and as always expect free giveaways.

At the end of last semester USGD launched its Snapchat. Initially, it was a huge success gaining over 250 new friends in only two events! Keep an eye out for flyers around campus with more information on the USGD social media accounts. Follow us to stay #InTheKnow.


USGD will also be continuing monthly Meet & Greets this semester. Meet & Greets are a great opportunity for students to meet their USG representatives and to give us your concerns and feedback.

More in January: an USGD intern and I will be launching a USGD newsletter. We have decided to make the newsletter more user friendly by utilizing an emailed newsletter company. Newsletter will be sent out monthly and include information and links to all things USGD! Never miss a thing: email to get on our newsletter email list!



Happy Valentine’s Day! USGD loves representing such an awesome student body!

In February USGD will continue with our Policy Talk Series and our monthly Meet & Greets. We will post information and flyers as these events get closer. Follow USGD on Facebook to stay in the loop.



Happy Spring Break 2k17 Devils!

After spring break, you will return to school just in time for Passport to Phoenix. This is an event that is as unique as the downtown campus. Our classrooms and resources are integrated into the great city of Phoenix. USGD, PAB and RHA have all joined forces to bring you a festival to introduce students to the life of Downtown Phoenix. There will be freebies and student discounts/coupons from local businesses and restaurants. Come out and see why ASU has made downtown Phoenix (one of) its homes! Details for this event will be released soon! Follow USGD on Twitter to stay #InTheKnow.



USGD does not have anything planned for the month of April…..APRIL FOOLS!

We will have plenty of events for you in April. Of course we will have our April editions of the Policy Talk Series and Meet & Greets, but there will be more fun events, too, and I promise to market all of them! Don’t want to miss out on the fun? Text @USGD to 81010 to receive text updates on upcoming events from USGD.



All semester I will be working on an outline of what I and the rest of USGD accomplished in the 2016-2017 school year. This will be a great tool for the future USGD members and future Director of Marketing. I have loved working for USGD so far this school year and I cannot wait for all that this semester brings. I have always learned to leave the situations and places I attend better than I found them. It is my personal goal to make all the improvements I can for ASU, USGD and myself this semester. Hopefully, a list of what I accomplished in my time as the Director of Marketing will help future Marketing Directors.


So that’s my plan for this semester! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email at me I love hearing students feedback and ideas. The Undergraduate Student Government Downtown is in place to help make the lives of students easier and to give you all a voice. We cannot do that job without student support and involvement.

We represent YOU so we want to talk to YOU. Check out our new and improved website to find the contact information for all of your USGD representatives:


Emma Fernandez

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