By Rilee Robinson
Senate President

Spring 2017 Action Plan

As we begin Spring semester, we all felt it incredibly important to be as transparent as possible as your representatives. In order to do this to the full extent we are all going to outline each of our individual goals within our positions and how we plan to work together to support you as fellow students.

Serving as Senate President and as senator for the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism can be complicated at times. Working diligently in both positions is tricky and sometimes my priorities get muddled. I get caught up in red tape rather than focusing on why we do what we do, to better your time here on the downtown campus.


Whether you are a full time downtown student, a commuter student, or simply have a few classes on our campus I am here to serve you fully. In this action plan, I am going to do two things. First, I am going to outline my priorities for the semester. Second, I am going to give a monthly timeline of what I hope to be accomplished as the weeks roll on. If you have any questions about any of the material in this action plan please reach out and I would love to try and answer them. So without further ado, here is my action plan for Spring 2017!

Overarching Priorities:

  • Student Engagement
    • Heightened social media presence
    • Consistent office hours
    • Event attendance
    • Collaboration on Cronkite events
  • Communication on staff
    • Better communication with directors, admin, and senators
  • Intercampus relations
    • For the betterment of commuter students, I want to work closer with the other campuses (Tempe, West and Poly) to be able to represent students on multiple campuses with multiple majors or minors.

Monthly Outlines:


  • Set up weekly one-on-one phone or text check-ins with the senators
  • Hire a CHS Senator
  • Attend a Taylor Place Cronkite floor meeting with Bryce, my co-senator.
  • Transportation:
    • Check in with Sun Devil Express task force on numbers and solutions for the service this semester. Have them set up and give a presentation at a Senate caucus meeting. Make sure that students know they can attend this presentation. Have the communications team push this out if they see fit.
  • At the following caucus assign senate tasks on who is looking at what alternatives for the next administration.
  • Set up a game plan with the Chief of Staff and President on advising solutions and feedback.
  • Work with Director Leith and VP Arwood to find state legislation that students may be interested in and/or impacted by.


  • Have all senators regularly writing resolutions, at least one every other senate meeting.
  • Continue to work on collecting advising feedback and working toward a solution with the administration.
  • Help push out the message of the USGD elections for 2017-18
  • By the end of the month have a few (3+) viable alternatives to the SDE


  • Draft legislation on transportation alternatives
  • Continue writing legislation on state initiatives
  • Hopefully have concrete advising feedback to work with the administration on


  • Vote on transportation for the upcoming year
  • Help transition newly elected senators and senate leadership
  • Have a position outline for the next Senate President

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