By Garrett Joseph
Senator, College of Health Solutions

As we bring in 2017, many of us are starting our new year resolutions, creating an action plan, and setting goals we want to achieve this year. Not only am I doing this for my own personal life but also for my role in USGD. With this being the my last semester as the College of Health Solutions Senator and my last semester here at ASU before I graduate in May, I want to ensure that I continue to serve my fellow students the best that I can.

One of my first plans of action for the new semester is to increase student awareness of who I am and how student government is a resource for each and every one of you. Starting the first two weeks of the semester, I will be posting flyers with my picture and a description of what I do and when my office hours are. I want to do this because I want students to recognize me and be familiar with who I am and to know that I am here to help them with anything that they need. I will also be utilizing the CHS facebook page that I created at the end of the Fall semester. I will be using the facebook page to keep CHS students updated on what is happening on campus and within our college.

I am also excited that we voted in an additional CHS senator in our first senate meeting this semester. With two hands on deck, we will be able to reach more students, share more ideas, and work together to make the daily lives of our fellow students better.

My main area of focus will be to improve student health and wellness on campus. One of the major challenges of being on the downtown campus is not having a lot of space for outdoor recreational activities.

Over the course of the spring semester, I will be looking for ways to overcome this challenge and provide more opportunities for students to get outside and be more physically active. I will be working closely with Taylor Place management to see if it is possible to make a recreational area on the North side of the building where there is a grass lot. We are looking into possibly getting a sand volleyball court, basketball court, or anything else that the students would want and would use. I will keep USGD and the students updated as I find out more information on this project.

Another big project that will be unfolding this semester will be CHS’s search for a new dean. Our current Dean, Dr. Lindor, will be stepping down at the end of spring semester.

I hope that as the search for a new dean narrows down to a few promising candidates, I will be able to give students a chance to meet them and provide their feedback on the candidates.

Once a new dean has been selected, hopefully before the May, I would like to set up a meet and greet. This will give students a chance to come and ask questions and get to know the new dean.

I am also excited to be working on the 4th annual Passport to Phoenix event that will be coming up in March. Passport to Phoenix will be happening at the Civic Space Park on the Downtown campus. The event will include live entertainment, local business, food, karaoke and lots of games and other fun activities.

This is just a snapshot of some of my goals and projects for this semester and I look forward sharing them all with you! I hope you all have an awesome semester and a happy new year!

Go Devils!

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