By Case Smith
Senator, Barrett, the Honors College

I serve three separate roles within USGD, all of which have different responsibilities. However, constants within these roles are accountability and the need for transparency.

With this action plan for the 2017 spring semester, I hope to clearly lay out my goals for the semester so that I am as accountable and transparent as possible.

I hope to commit most of my energy this semester to creating a new director position for next year. As our campus and community grow, we will only become more diverse, which is something that all of ASU can be proud of.

However, I, as well as many members of USGD and the Downtown student body, feel that currently the executive branch does not meet the full needs of the students. With the creation of the position of director of diversity and inclusion, which is a position that USG Tempe has already created and implemented, I hope to further the inclusive and safe nature of our campus and provide a direct point of contact between students, student organizations and the administration of the Downtown Campus.

In order for any of this to become concrete, I will create a task force within the Government Operations Committee. Additionally, I will further the dialogue that had been initiated last semester with Tempe. Working across campus boundaries is pertinent to the success of this project as is working with the administration.

In addition to this project, I will be providing constant oversight of USGD throughout the semester. As the legislature gets started in early January, it is necessary that USGD members lobby on behalf of students at the capitol in a nonpartisan manner. As this is one of the most important responsibilities that USGD members have, it is critical that conflicts of interest within USGD be addressed.

I have already scheduled biweekly meetings with the Director of State and Municipal Affairs Ryan Leith, whose role is critical to any positive lobbying efforts, so that these conflicts can be addressed.

The goal of these meetings is to provide a clear dialogue between the legislature and USGD as Director Leith may have the best access to legislators. Furthermore, throughout the semester, a Gov Ops task force will continue to amend the bylaws. This may include amending the USGD “strike policy” in order to increase accountability within our organization as well as outlining what the director of diversity and inclusion position should be.

I will also be working side by side with my co-Senator Arianna Kurtz. She is taking the lead on Barrett-specific projects and goals for the 2017 spring semester. Related to this is improving Barrett college council relations, improving our social media presence, improving our cross-college relationships and improving our relationships with Barrett students.


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