By Vanessa Herb
Director of Finance

As the Director of Finance, spring means time to crack down on some nitty-gritty tasks. On top of running BAC meetings and ensuring that individuals and student organizations are on track with the money that they are requesting and have all the materials needed to request, there is still more to be accomplished. My action plan is pretty straightforward, though my work will still be cut out for me.

This semester, I want to ensure that all student organizations and individuals are fully aware of the rules and regulations that come with requesting money. Although they are listed in our bylaws, it is expected that not everyone has read them.

The organizations that have regularly attended the now mandatory Sun Devil Coalition meetings in the past are very good about knowing and understanding the guidelines of requesting. However, I want to ensure that every RSO understands that they need to attend Sun Devil Coalition meetings, and how to request funds successfully. It is a goal of mine to team up with our Vice President of Services to accomplish this.

As I am graduating in May, I need to pass the Finance torch off to someone else. There are a lot of tasks that I complete from day to day, including answering questions through emails, making sure everyone has what they need to request money, and keeping track of all the money allocated.

I also keep track of who is travelling, when they are travelling, and when they need to come to one of our meetings to talk about their trips.

Not only do I want to be active in helping with the search for a new Director of Finance, but if we successfully find one, I want to ensure that before I walk in May, the new head-honcho of the student fee budget is up to speed on the job. The budget for the next school year also needs to be planned and released. As I understand more about what this entails, I will update you all on the progress.

Lastly, I want to hold myself accountable and stay organized for the sake of the entire campus. I see a lot of numbers and have to keep a lot of documents organized on behalf of the organization and the campus. Without both accountability and organization, it could be catastrophic. It is crucial that my numbers are accurate and that I keep everyone’s documents in an organized manner to keep the Budget Allocations ship running smoothly.

On top of this, it is my goal to help my fellow USGD members as much as I can with any endeavor they choose to take on. With an organization like ours, there is a lot going on at any given time and helping hands are generally needed. With a job as straightforward as mine, it is easy for me to pause for a moment to be a helping hand and I want to make it a priority for this semester.

Maintaining my action plan would mean that I am doing my job successfully, and that is all I could wish from myself. If there is anything that any of you want me to take on this semester, I check my email constantly and am open to discussion.

Here’s to a good semester!

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