By Ryan Leith

Director of State and Municipal Affairs

In my time in Undergraduate Student Government Downtown as director of state and municipal affairs, I’ve been fortunate enough to see just how this organization works at almost every level: from procuring information for individual students, to sitting in on meetings with and even in place of President Dangremond, I’ve had a good look at what we do well, and more importantly, what we do not.

In USGD, we are a group of incredibly driven and intelligent students who work as hard as we can to improve the student experience at our campus, but despite our efforts, there will always be roadblocks. Some are harder to overcome than others, but some, I believe, can be eliminated altogether. Next year, as vice president of policy, I want to do my best to eliminate the roadblocks that hamper our potential to serve our students.

Some of these will be easier than others. For example, one small issue that can be remedied quickly is improving our live-stream equipment so our meetings can be more easily viewed, both during and after the meeting. The largest issue on my plate may be improving our organization’s working relationship with the student governments of Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona, not due to those at those universities, but due to the lack of an effective framework for prolonged, meaningful coordination.

My primary goal is not to introduce new and innovative methods of executing the position of vice president of policy; that comes second. Those who have come before me have done fantastic and to continue their work will be an honor. By improving numerous aspects of our student government as I plan to, these initiatives will be much more effective and will have a more meaningful impact on the students of the Downtown Phoenix Campus.

As I conclude my time as director of state and municipal affairs, I will concurrently be laying the foundation for the changes that will bring the Undergraduate Student Government Downtown to a new level. If you want to be a part of this journey, I hope you will reach out to me or any of us in student government.


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