By Kaitlyn Kor

Director of Public Relations

Earlier this semester I took over as the director of public relations for Undergraduate Student Government Downtown and have had some time to reflect on my position so far.

I had never represented an organization as a public relations representative in any capacity before joining student government and was initially very nervous to apply for this position. I wasn’t sure what the job would entail, but I thought I should at least give it a try! This year was my first time taking public relations classes and this semester was my first time using the skills I had learned at Cronkite in real life.

However, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed my position at USGD more than I thought I would. Not only have I been able to practice my public relations, writing and communication skills, but I have also gotten to make new friends and connections within student government, while also helping to improve the lives of students on the downtown campus. Joining student government has made me feel more involved on the downtown campus and it’s a great feeling!

I encourage anyone and everyone to join a student organization or club on campus, even if you feel hesitant. It truly makes you feel more involved with your school and allows you to make a difference, while also making new friends and having fun! ASU has an abundant amount of clubs on campus and I suggest for everyone to get out and get involved in one that interests them! 


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