By Jade Yeban 

Chief of Staff

The Undergraduate Student Government Downtown participated in Devil’s in Disguise, ASU’s largest day of service, and volunteered at St. Vincent de Paul, a nonprofit organization committed to feeding, clothing, housing and healing individuals that need a little extra help.

Most of our members worked to repackage toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion for members of the community who visit St. Vincent de

USGD participates in Devil’s in Disguise

Paul for hygienic reasons. The center has showers that are open to the public for use.

There were dozens of other volunteers there as well working to write water bottle affirmations and package sack lunches. In the sea of other volunteers, it was really cool to see tables of gold where our members and other ASU students worked.

USGD has made it mandatory recently for members to participate in a service event throughout the year. While the student government is constantly involved in campus community service initiatives that focus on engagement and advocacy, the legislature rarely made motions to help out with the communities outside of ASU’s campus perimeter.

We participated in Adopt a Family last year, but it was nice this year to branch out and to join thousands of other ASU students in community service. I’m excited to see what we accomplish in the future.

Volunteering is our truest form of democracy. When we volunteer, we are putting time and effort into making our community better with our own two hands. I think that’s pretty neat, don’t you?


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