By Rilee Robinson 

Cronkite Senator

Hello everyone! Hopefully the end of the semester is winding down nicely for you all! I just wanted to take some time to go a little bit more in depth behind what Bryce and I have been working on in addition to the tech efforts Bryce mentions in his blog post.

Besides just working here on the home base, Bryce and I have been working on advocating for Cronkite Students at the capitol, not in a physical sense, but in a way that can be just as effective.

Bryce and I drafted and passed a resolution supporting Arizona Senate Bill 1384 which would provide additional free speech and freedom of the press protections for students at public schools, community colleges and universities.

This bill really resonated with us not only as Cronkite students, but as students who were active in high school journalism programs. I can’t speak for Bryce but I know that my passion for the press began when I was freshman in high school. Thankfully the Newspaper program I was involved in was very professional and had an incredible advisor. We were given leeway to cover tricky issues and were not censored just because we were young. This, however, is not the case at every school.

I personally decided to advocate for this bill because without the free speech I was able to exercise as a high schooler, I don’t believe I would have been as apt to attend Cronkite. We love this bill and wholeheartedly support it because it protects those students who are yet to come as well as those of us currently here. As senators it is our job to represent our fellow students, perhaps even the ones yet to come.

We sent letters along with USG President Jackson Dangremond to the legislature explaining why we believe freedom of the press needs to be protected at all levels and now eagerly await a vote.

Now, the fun part…where YOU are involved.

As we move closer to the close of both the USGD session and the Arizona Legislature’s session, we want to continue to be a resource at the capitol and make your voices heard. If you are passionate about a topic, or a bill you know is in the legislature right now please let us know. We want to advocate for you. You may not see the reach of your individual efforts but if there is one thing I’ve learned serving as a senator, it is that if we all get behind a cause a difference can be made, even at the capitol.

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