Candace Thomas 
Director of Administration

With the end of the semester less than a month away, I’m sure many of you Sun Devils are planning on what your summer will consist of. Some of you may be taking an “All-American” road trip, backpacking through Europe or enjoying the Miami nightlife.

This all sounds great and I am positive that your Facebook friends and Snapchat followers can’t wait to see your summer adventures, but I would like to propose an unconventional way of spending all that free time.

It also might save you a walloping amount of cash as well. Community service is not the way a typical college student would spend their summer; however, there are many benefits that accompany this endeavor. A few of the benefits of volunteering are as follows:

  1. It’s a great way to build problem solving and communication skills because you will be working with different individuals who have different ways of thinking.
  2. Volunteering makes you more attractive to potential employers. Employers like to see that you are a well-rounded individual who can work and thrive in diverse environments
  3. Volunteering could potentially lead to scholarship opportunities. Community service allows you to build a network that introduces you to many businesses that offer scholarships to participants.

Hopefully these benefits persuade you to become more involved in your community because not only does it benefit those within that community, but it benefits you as well.

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